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Orthodox Cathedral

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Nis Cathedral Temple holds a significant place in the history of Serbian art. The building of the Church commenced on 18th October 1856. and lasted until 1872. It was sanctified after the liberation from the Ottomans in 1878.


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The construction of the Cathedral was preceded by the Treaty of Paris in 1856, according to which the Ottomans, under pressure of the European countries, recognized equal right to Christians in the Empire. After the permission from Constantinople had arrived, the construction of the large Orthodox church began in the same year and lasted until 1872. It was consecrated after the liberation in 1878.

Master builder AndijaDamjanov built the church dedicated to the Descend of the Holy Spirit on the Apostles as a combination of different architectural styles: Serbian-Byzantine, Oriental, the style of western Baroque, Renaissance and Roman-Byzantine. Such a mixture of styles was one of the reasons for the Cathedral to influence on the further development of the Serbian architecture. Forty-eight painted compositions on the iconostasis of the church were works of known Serbian painter ĐorđeKrstić, who brought into Serbian painting a spirit of Realism, as a new, pro-European artistic movement.

The Cathedral with its iconostasis burnt down in a fire in 2001, when all paintings in the church were destroyed. It was restored in 2010.

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